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I’m a fan of riots…even if it were to happen in the area I live in.  I would join in and have fun with it.  Why not?  First of all, no one is going to try and stop thousands of people from destroying an area.  No one is brave enough to tell thousands of people to stop.  So you have that going for you…the bystander effect in full force.  Also, sometimes you just need to relieve some stress, and what better way do you do that, than by flipping over a Ford Focus and lighting it on fire.  You will feel that shit day at work and your nagging kids, melt right off of you.  And, it can do wonders for your self esteem too.  Think about how good someone feels, chucking a trashcan through a store front with 50 people patting them on the back and telling them, “good job.  That was awesome!”

Riots are fun and necessary, in order for our culture to survive.  You need these things to happen for shit not to go sideways all the time.  Black Friday, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Saint Patricks Day…Philly losing something?  All those days are built into society, and allow people to go ape shit, and get away with it.  You kill someone on Black Friday so you get the latest, “Tickle me Jerry” Penn State doll, no problem.  Rape, kill or disfigure on Mardi Gras, or the Mayo or Patty’s day…one hell of a party.

So far as Baltimore goes, people can say they just looked for a reason to riot, or they’re just fighting for a dead criminal.  That’s all short sighted and there is more going on here than people want to admit.  Yes, riots and and going crazy every once in a while is needed, and I stand by it to keep society in place. Stuff like this though is a boiling over of a social issue that we all refuse to acknowledge.   And the longer it goes, the worse it is going to get…so, either fix it, or suffer the consequences.

There shouldn’t be bad cops.  Period, end of sentence.  If there is even a hint of an officer being corrupt they need to be removed and made an example out of.  If people that serve and protect the country are not held to a higher standard, expect more Baltimores.

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