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I don’t consider myself an artist…that’s not up to me to decide.  I’m a comedian…I tell jokes to strangers and I get paid to do it, and that’s as far as I’m willing to go in labeling myself.  However, in not declaring myself an artist, I do understand that I have stepped into the art world.  I hang out with musicians, my wife is an artist (in that she is amazing at pen and ink drawing…I’ll upload some of her stuff if she lets me) poets…all these people are in the art field, trying to find their voice and the direction they want to go in, to show the world who they are through their art, and I respect most of them.

I don’t respect assholes who don’t care about the art.  Some hack fuck making simple jokes about race, or taking jokes off the internet and presenting them like they came up with them.

Asshole bands who do generic music…you know, the shit stuff they’ll play on the radio without listening to the entire song?  That shit, poppy, sing song, make you feel good…shit!

Poets, who play the victim.  The sad faggy, everyone knows you’re a poet, poet.

Artists who have gotten to the point, where they smear paint on a canvas and spent the rest of the day find fleshlights that fit them.

All of those people in the art world, I hate.  Fuck them and their families, and all future generations.  You are whats wrong with everything.  Not just society, but everything.  You are stereotypes.

Art is one of the things that helps society progress, and you all are impeding that, and I would like you to stop.  Just for 10 years.  After that amount of time there will be enough new shit artists that you all can go fuck yourselves and die.


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