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Stand-up comedy is one of those few things, that allows a performer to express themselves in the most raw form possible.  If i hate something, I say I hate it.  If I don’t agree with something I say I don’t agree and I attach a “haha” to it and I have made a joke.  It’s not that simple, but for the purpose of my explanation, it works…for now.

I never truly knew what I wanted to do with my life until freshman year of college.  I was an accounting major, and hating it.  I didn’t want that to be my life; crunching numbers and doing some dipshits taxes, and trying to figure out if his golf clubs count as a write off, because he plays a lot.  If I remained an accounting major, this blog, would be written while on my 30 min computer time, waiting for my next parole hearing.  I assume I would have killed a few people.  I’m not meant to be sitting at a desk and doing, what I think is, useless.

Luckily I found out I had a knack for being funny.  An English professor turned me on to creative writing and I eventually found the path of stand-up…the long, depressing, some times no light at the end of the tunnel path to stand-up.  I couldn’t be happier with this either.  It’s a strange way to want to live your life; performing in front of strangers, and telling them your darkest fears and thoughts for the hope of getting a chuckle out of them is not for everyone. But it is for me and I wouldn’t want anything else.

I love constructing jokes and the thrill of discovering new bits.  Digging around my consciousness and remembering everything that lead up to right now, can all be used for material.  Some crippled bitch telling me I’m appalling, is being prepped and turned into a bit.  Nasty private messages from people who can’t take a joke, is now a joke.  Conversations, beliefs, opinions, philosophy, religion, death, politics, race, war etc… it’s all comedy to me and there to be examined and turned into something, for you.  That’s my goal.  Take my life and me and put it out there for those of you who like me and want to hear it, and I know nothing about you.

Comedy is the avenue that lets me be me…and allows for me to be accepted in the way I want to be.  I just have to be funny and whatever is say is acceptable, and that’s the only rule I have to follow on stage.  Is it funny?  Let it fly.  The ultimate form of freedom for me, is comedy.


Thanks for reading and keep checking in.  I’ll have more blogs and shows and pictures and poor writing structure and such for you to enjoy.

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