zhZack Hammond’s pessimism pervades every aspect of his wit: his sometimes sardonic, always intelligent views on everything from marriage to convenience store prostitutes has garnered him both the respect of his peers and the adulation of the audiences before which he offers his unconventional, insightful, and bitingly sharp comedy.

Having begun in college, Zack performed anywhere he could find a stage—open mics, talent shows, poetry reading—nothing was off limits to him as he discovered his own unique voice and brand of comedy.Zack achieved his first milestone after only two years of performing, when he won NEPA Comedy Idol. His victory earned him hosting gigs as well as greater opportunities along the East Coast. Besides frequenting Wisecrackers Comedy Club, Donahue’s Hourglass Lounge, the Main Bean, and Serafina, Zack has appeared at The Allentown Alternative Art Gallery, The Sherman Theater, The Leonard Theater, The Vintage Theater, The Woodlands, Whistles, and Just Rumors, as well as dozens of other venues.

He has also performed for The Laughing Devil in Long Island and Catch a Rising Star in Princeton. Zack frequently performs in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and his native Maryland.

Recently Hammond was featured performer at the NEPAScene Mid-Winter Showcase in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.